What developers are saying about Promoter

Customers grapefrukt


Malmö, Sweden

“You guys, Promoter is so ridiculously useful. It makes everything easier. Use it!”

Martin Jonasson
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Customers scb


Utrecht, Netherlands

“A prettier, simpler and more accessible way to keep track of how our games do in the press.”

Rami Ismail
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Super Crate Box

Customers ayim

Broken Rules

Vienna, Austria

“Promoter is such an integral part of our PR, we couldn't imagine working without it.”

Felix Bohatsch
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And Yet It Moves

Customers fingle

Game Oven

Utrecht, Netherlands

“Promoter is really awesome when it comes to collecting articles. It puts all websites that mention our games in one big list: extremely useful when you want to keep track of who to thank for writing about your game.”

Adriaan de Jongh


Customers cipher prime

Cipher Prime

Philadelphia, USA

“Promoter is fantastic! It allows us to keep tabs on a lot of press we would otherwise miss and does a much better job of finding relevant articles than Google Alerts has. Plus, the promocode tracking is utterly indispensable!”

Dain Saint