Track press for your games. Automagically.

Designed for game developers from the ground up. Perfect for Kickstarter, Steam, App Store, Google Play or console games.

“A prettier, simpler and more accessible way to keep track of how our games do in the press.”

Rami Ismail, Vlambeer (Nuclear Throne)

“Promoter is such an integral part of our PR, we couldn't imagine working without it.”

Felix Bohatsch, Broken Rules (Secrets of Rætikon)
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Automagically track press mentions, reviews and YouTube videos of your games.

See all press clippings on a clear timeline. Add events such as the release date or holiday sales for context.

Manage Steam Keys and promocodes. Let journalists request review copies and send them out in batches.

Get notifications for new mentions via email, Slack, HipChat or Campfire and keep your team in the loop.

Browse the most complete list of gaming-related websites by platform, sorted by Twitter followers.

Manage your press contacts – see at a glance who you contacted, what was said and who wrote a review.

Calculate average scores for your games based on all press reviews.

Compile your favorite press quotes and awards on a great-looking public page.

Easily display selected reviews and awards in your presskit() or integrate with anything via XML or JSON.

Get reminders for festival deadlines – never miss IGF, IndieCade or Sense of Wonder Night again.

Open a contact in Highrise right from Promoter to quickly see your correspondence history.

Keep track of your list of awards, nominations and exhibitions.