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Introducing Promoter

In early 2010 I started to work on a tool that I wanted to have but didn’t exist. Something that helped us to keep track of the press coverage our games would get and to easily see which of our iOS promo codes we had sent out to whom. This tool became what Promoter is today.

So why spend time to develop a dedicated tool for this? Here are some good reasons:

  • I don’t want to search Google or Twitter all day to see if someone wrote about our games.
  • One week after launch, I want to easily see which of the gaming sites we contacted did not review our game yet.
  • When we’re going to release Spirits for Mac, I want to follow up with the journalists who wrote about the iOS version.
  • A blogger contacts us that she wants to write about Mr. Bounce and would like to have a promo code. I need to know how many codes we have left and if any of them are going to expire soon.
  • I want to collect the best quotes from reviews, so I can use them on our website and in our press releases.
  • We want to submit our games to all important game festivals. I want a reminder when a submission deadline is coming up.

Promoter solves all these problems and saves us time. I built it for our very own needs. That means, it’s specifically built for small teams, for game developers that do their own marketing and PR.

Promoter is now officially in public beta and available to everyone. You can sign up for a free plan that includes 1 game, 25 reviews and 50 promo codes. There is no time limit on the free plan — you can use it as long as you’d like. You can always upgrade to the paid plan, if you need to manage multiple games, more reviews or promo codes.

The unlimited plan is only 99 EUR / year. There is no auto-renewal and you can keep all your data even if you don’t renew your paid plan.

If you’re a game developer, I’d love you to give it a try and let me know what you think of Promoter. Just get in touch with @promoterapp on Twitter.